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• 10/16/2016

Wiki Logo Vote – October 2016

It is time for this month's edition of logo votes.

The Anniversary Party 2016 starts later this week, and as always, we are holding votes for logos submitted by some of our community members. The vote starts today (October 17) and will end on October 19, when the party is scheduled to start. An offset of a day is possible.

Vote rules
  • You can only vote once. Also, do not abuse multiple accounts to vote more than once or ask or bribe others to vote for your logo.
  • Your first edit to the wiki must have been made at least two weeks prior to you casting your vote, in order to help prevent the above.
  • You cannot vote for your own logo.
  • If you want to change your vote, edit your original vote. Don't create a new reply.
    • An "invalid" edit is a vote for the logo votes that doesn't fulfill the rules criteria. Invalid votes will either be removed, or edited to fit the format if they do not meet criteria.
How to vote
Each image was given a caption with its unique ID number. In order to vote, add in a new reply:
Replace username with your username, and replace id with the logo's ID. For example:
The logos
After you have read the How to vote section, click "Expand"

If you want to submit a logo for the next party, visit the Club Penguin Wiki:Logo Design (make sure to follow the submissions' rules).

Good luck to all participants!

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• 10/16/2016
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