— Apj26
Apj26 pic
Penguin's Name Apj26
Favorites Red Construction Hat Christmas Scarf
Member? Yes
First Pin Cart Pin
Famous Penguins Met All of them
Date Joined Wiki 13 February 2012
Date Joined Club Penguin July 18, 2007
Admin? Yes

Apj26 (or simply known as Apj), is currently an Administrator and Bureaucrat on the Wiki since 2012 and has over 7,000 edits there. He is from England, UK and joined Club Penguin in 2007 during the Water Party (Water Party 2007).


Apj has over 7,000 edits on that wiki and makes many contributions to pages, mainly user pages and articles. He is active on chat alot but this does not count as a contribution.



  • He loves Cake.
  • He figured out more users on the Wiki like cake more than pie.
  • Apj was once the Penguin of the Month on the Club Penguin Wiki.
  • He has Polo Field's favorite hand item, the Keytar.
  • He dislikes Pie.