This page is to help you create professional and tidy news blogs. Please conform to these standards. Those news blogs are featured on the wiki's main page. Blogs are added to the blog beed by containing Category:News.

It is recommended that at least blog will be added every week, but not to often- to prevent flooding of blogs- unles there are some important updates that suddenly occurs.

  • We have this limit to stop the main page being flooded with news.
  • When making a blog, make sure it covers more than one subject
  • Do not make short stub blogs- otherwise they will be removed.
  • Please make sure to also have an image, unless the image is redundant and does not explain anything that the text already does. Make sure not to use the "Added by" when using a thumbnail, or anything similar. We do not own it, it's CC-BY-SA for our own content, or for Club Penguin, fair use credited to them.
  • Using external blogs as sources (e.g. WordPress, Blogger) is accepted, but only when there is sufficient information. You can though link speculation to these blogs as long as they are popular.
  • Each blog must be written in 3rd person, although the writer may use 1st person elements if they want to.
  • We aren't moderators, and to keep the posts clean, don't sign or use the "waddle on" test.
  • Before you add it to the news blog category, you must get it checked by an Administrator.