Dancing Penguin is a former administrator on the Club Penguin Wiki.

Dancing Penguin
Ford Car

His Penguin
Penguin's Name Ford Car
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Member? No.
First Pin Rockhopper's Key
Stamps 125
Famous Penguins Met Gary The Gadget Guy
Date Joined Wiki October 13, 2007
Date Left Wiki Unknown
Date Joined Club Penguin March 2007
Admin? Former

Things you should probably know about him:

  • He's a boy.
  • He's Catholic.
  • He was a former Administrator and Bureaucrat.
  • He has more than 2700 edits in this Wiki.
  • He was Penguin of the Month 3 times.


Dancing Penguin has a penguin named Ford Car. He probably named his penguin "Ford Car" because he likes cars. His penguin, Ford Car was created on March 2007.


Color: Red / Black
Pin: Rockhopper's Key
Free Item: Blue / Red Propellor Cap
Wig: The Sunstriker
Place: Dock
Building: Lighthouse
Puffle: Yellow
Igloo: Igloo with a backyard
Party: Summer Kickoff Party
Famous Penguin: Gary and Rockhopper
Server: Mamooth, Half Pipe, Snow Globe, Yukon, etc.
Background: Sky background
Play: Team Blue's Rally Debut
Job: Waiter
Sport: Hockey
Team: Red Team

High ScoresEdit

Puffle Roundup: 1860
Cart Surfer: 409
Ice Fishing: 580
Pizzatron 3000: 990
Paint by Letters: 800
Aqua Grabber: 500
Catchin' Waves: 6000+ points
Treasure Hunt: 133 Hydro Hopper: 2600 points