DjCadence (aka Emily or Cadence) is a regular user on the Club Penguin Wiki. She visits popular websites such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Tumblr. She sometimes watches videos on the popular "Vine" website too. She tends to "fan-girl" about anything related to R5 or Violetta. She lives in Northern Ireland.


  • She says her favourite food would have to be potatoes.
  • She has asthma and eczema.
  • She has broken her arm 3 times.
  • She has won 6 contests on Facebook.
  • She collects Club Penguin, Violetta, R5, Sabrina Carpenter, Rowan Blanchard and Jedward merchandise.
  • She hates science, geography, French, English, technology and design, and drama classes.
  • She can speak American, British, Irish and Northern Irish English, and can sing in Italian, French, and Spanish, which she is learning.
  • She can play Tin Whistle and is learning keyboard.

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