Fire86743 (or simply known as Fire) is a regular user on the Club Penguin Wiki. He loves 2 roleplay.


  • He used to RP on Club Penguin Wiki, but now he usually roleplays on another wiki.
  • He created the Penguin Master Agency.
  • Fire86743 wasn't his main username for websites. He used to have a account named Ssj500 on a game called Stick Empires. When he was going to make a account on Minecraft, he couldn't use Ssj500 as his username, so he used Fire86743.
  • He is a fan of Transformers.
  • His favorite Pokemon is Mewtwo.
  • He is a brony.
  • He has quit many times. 3 days after his recent quit, he made a blog announcing his return saying that his reason to quit was "stupid."
  • He is a fan of Stickman's series.


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