Fottymaddy is a former Rollback and Chat Moderator on the Club Penguin Wiki. He left the wiki in 2013.

You gotta work hard for them rights!
— Fottymaddy


About HimEdit

He's a big fan of Club Penguin and he has been a proud user since August 2008. His favorite hobbies are football, Club Penguin, cars, playing guitar, gaming and much more. He do loves editing for this wiki and he was a proud Chat Moderator, Patroller and Blogger there. He lives in the United Kingdom and joined that "Wikia" in October 2011 so it was sometime after he joined CP. He's currently is a 1 year member on Club Penguin.

About His PenguinEdit

His penguin is a very interactive penguin and likes speaking and having fun with its mates. He has many colorful puffles which he absolutely adores and loves to hangout with. He has another puffle but he does not own it which is Flare, his working partner puffle in the EPF. He has quit club penguin a number of times but from july 2011, he is fully committed to it now and fully addicted. He joined august 2008. My penguin currently has loads of stamps. He has loads of pins and the first pin he ever got was the 2008 dodge ball pin. He has met all the famous mascots and moderators, and has many brilliant pics of him with them! He has postcards sent from Spike Hike and Polo Field which he is very proud of. Fotty lives in a very cosy and luxurious igloo with his puffles and one of his igloo is a basketball court! He has had many different jobs on the island of Club Penguin from being a DJ to being a Pizza Parlour waitor! At the moment though, he is currently an EPF Cop so he can save the city from crime. His most treasure item is the 3rd party hat, as it was his very first party hat and he loves the colours! He is now a 1 year member on Club Penguin.

Favorite ServersEdit

When he first started Club Penguin back in 2008, he used to go on Wind chill, which was a very famous server at the time. But, now its one of the most UNpopular servers ever to be on club penguin. As of 2013, you will usually see him waddling around on the 'less busy' servers as he is not a fan of busy crowded servers like Avalanche.