Greatferaligatr551 (also known as GlitchPokemon) is a regular user in the CP Wiki. She discovered Club Penguin in 2006. Her favorite party is the Festival Party.

My (Fake) Biography Edit

She was born in Danville from Phineas and Ferb television series in 1990s (Fake year), She works alongside Phineas and Ferb & Their Friends until she was moved to Club Herbert with her parents, and She Hates Herbert P. Bear because She works for PSA in 2001 soΒ  Many Penguins came to Club Herbert and renamed it Club Penguin.

and Then.. Herbert P. Bear got angry so he is trying to take over club penguin but it is impossible until 2003, when He finished PSAΒ  HQ and Sport Agent With Popcorn explosion, but then in 2006, Herbert P. Bear kidnapped Greatferaligatar551 and dated her but I said no!Β