JWPengie is a former Chat Moderator on the Club Penguin Wiki. He has over 11,200 edits. He is glad to be anyone's friend so if you want to be his friend, just give him a message in his talk.


Some of his best friends include: OrangePuffle, Penguin-Pal, Jess0426, Chriskim98, and Callum Fawsitt.


He has two penguins on Club Penguin. Their names are Joeypengie and Whowypengie.


Bally, Fafa, Greener, Muffin, Robot, Muffin, French Fry, Little, Snowy, Ornie, Cookie, Skittles, Goldie, King, RaRa Speedy, Puffy, Pop, Frank, Budder, Stoney, Magma, Meaty, Boom Boom, Munchkin, Russ, Woofy, Purry, Wowo, Olaf, and Carrots.


  • He has made lots of customs.
  • He used to be a Rollback, but he was demoted to a Chat Moderator due to a community vote.
    • He was further demoted to a regular user, after frequent inactivity.