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Jess' usual outfit
Penguin's Name Jess0426, Buddypal16, Rhino 100 (Spare Account), Jess0426test (Test Account)
Favorites Popcorn, Puffle (His green puffle Jump), Designing
Member? Yes
First Pin Gingerbread Man Pin
Famous Penguins Met
Date Joined Wiki April 16, 2012
Date Joined Club Penguin January 11, 2009
Admin? No

Jess0426 is a regular user on Club Penguin Wiki, he often talks about his obsession in popcorn and green puffles, specifically his named Jump which he has adopted on March 9th 2013. Jess himself has joined Club Penguin on January 11, 2009 and joined the wiki on April 16, 2012, his first party was technically the Dance-A-Thon 2009, but unable to join the fun in the Dance Club as since he was not member. His first full party was the first Holiday Party in 2009, being where he got his Membership.

Jess is known for designing, he primarily designs custom rooms and he has an upcoming animation series where with his two main penguins Jess and Buddy Pal. It is named Fun with Jess and Buddypal, and will release around winter or next spring. He also designs logos for the wiki logo votes very often. He also makes many custom penguins.

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