JonthePlayerxD (formally Madbootdude and Titanium Ninja)
Penguin's Name Kingkazimi1/Lil Jammer P
Favorites Bananas, cars, stuff
Member? Not at the moment
First Pin Ice Block Pin
Stamps 261
Famous Penguins Met All except Sensei and Penguin Band
Date Joined Wiki September 2012
Date Left Wiki September 2012 to August 2013, January 2014 to July 2015, January 2016-present
Date Joined Club Penguin February 2007.
Admin? No
Notes He is awesome

He hates Wikia Staff Wikia Staff hates me Video games He owns a website.

JonthePlayerxD is known to be the 2 legendary users, Madbootdude and Titanium Ninja. Jon often lied in his previous accounts, and was considered that one troublemaker. Jon is a user and joined on his current account on November 2015. He was blocked infinitely on July 5th as Titanium Ninja by Vicyorus because of his point of view, "harrasment". Jon created 3 sockpuppets but 2 of them were blocked. His current account was his last sockpuppet as he admitted he was other users and apologized with a blog posted on New Years Eve. He was forgiven, and then redeemed himself as a top editor.

Jon was blocked again because Vicyorus and 3 other administrators didn't like his return. Jon is now happy that he is blocked because now he realized that Club Penguin Wiki was a waste of time. He finally got a life and moved onto another wiki and is partially active on there, with rights.