My outfit with scraggy

Penguin's Name Sunshine0405
Favorites Black Puffle,Cat Puffle,Pizza
Member? Yes.Level 2
First Pin Mermaid Shell Pin
Famous Penguins Met

Gary the Gadget Guy
Aunt Arctic
Kermit the Frog
Herbert P. Bear

Date Joined Wiki December 27th, 2013
Date Left Wiki Not yet
Date Joined Club Penguin October 16th,2011
Admin? He wishes he will be one

Kanpo1聽is a regular user on the Club Penguin Wiki. He really likes Club Penguin. He also loves black puffles and black dinosaur puffles.

About his Penguin (he's kool)Edit

His penguin's name is Sunshine0405 and he is a member. He has five black puffles, a black dinosaur puffle, a cat puffle, an Olaf puffle, and a Ghost puffle. He has many items. He also plays the CPPS Flippr, which is made by SandorL.


  1. Ballono
  2. Penguin-Pal
  3. Agent Unknown
  4. Titanium Ninja
  5. Omegasonic2000
  6. TheNintendoKing
  7. Fire86743
  8. Redidy Penguin


  • He made his 100th edit on June 9, 2014.