Kyfur, (CPPerapin's sockpuppet). This shocked many users as Perapin was liked by many users. Perhaps the administration won't do anything against it, but still, many felt like doing a funeral providing a gallery of historical moments with Perapin throughout the years. Kyfur was once a bot, Chat Moderator and Rollback, then a blocked user. Many liked Kyfur because he had a bot-like discipline.


Promotion Date
Job Description
March 30, 2014
  • Cleanup articles (amelioration, emendations, redirections)
  • Expands articles (minutiae, meticulousness, corroborations, amalgamations, visuals)
  • Suggest improvements for articles (desideratum)
  • Creates new articles
  • Uploads and licenses files (images, videos)
March 30, 2014
  • Delineates vandalism
  • Delineates bugs/glitches
  • Identifies community skills, issues and needs
  • Mediates in conflicts
  • Attends meetings
  • Ensures that local users have their say
  • Develops new resources for the community
  • Encourages participation in activities
  • Rewards users with certificates for their efforts
  • Prepares reports and policies
  • Partakes in voting
  • Aids other users
  • Replies to questions by users
  • Makes users feel welcome


  • Kyfur's catchphrase, "hi {{USERNAME}} welcome back in!! (meow)" was used to make users feel welcome and recognized when they entered chat to keep people's spirits up.
  • Kyfur's votes sometimes contradicted with Perapin's. Kyfur would tend to vote For people to be promoted while Perapin would do the opposite.
  • The magic behind the "!summon Kyfur" trick was that if Perapin was online, he could quickly log Kyfur on the chat on command. This also enabled Kyfur to make one "epic entrance" when he entered chat seconds after a user swore to kick that user.
  • Kyfur originally joined the Wiki on March 30, 2014. He made hundreds of edits within the first few days to weeks after he joined. Within the first week of when he joined there was a big subject regarding Kyfur being the new founder of the Wiki as he made lots of edits (commonly being ameliorations) to pages and followed all criterias with editing on the Wiki being known as a Community Specialist. As many months passed by Kyfur continued to edit more and more making the admins on the Wiki feel pleased by his hard work.
  • Kyfur had a few opportunities with user rights on the Club Penguin Wiki. In June he was first put on trial as a Chat Moderator for one week by Wolf-gangs as well as two other users on the Wiki. He was known to have done the best job out of all them three on trial but he was still not given permanent Chat Moderator rights. In July he was nominated for Rollback Promotions and many voted for him. On June 25, 2014 the votes ended and he had more for votes than against and therefore he was promoted to both Chat Moderator and Rollback. A few days later he was demoted due to being blocked forever as it was proven by Kallie Jo, Wolf-gangs and Roger6881 that he shares the same I.P address as another user on the Wiki, CPPerapin, due to this he was therefore blocked forever.
  • The Puffle Planet did a tribute for Kyfur once.

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