M3wzy SAO Duel Blades Avatar

Current Avatar

Full Name M3wzy
Species Penguin
Gender Male
Position Editor, Founder (Of CPW Fanon Wiki)
Appeared  ?
Color Arctic White
Clothes Items I change clothes all the time ( 汀掳 蜏蕱 汀掳)
Related To Unknown
Friends With Everybody on the wiki
Meetable Character? Yes

M3wzy is a regular user of the CP Wiki. He has been editing the wiki since October 10, 2015 and shows no signs of quitting the wiki. He is a member on Club Penguin currently.

Personality Edit

M3wzy considers himself friendly and funny, but can be really serious.

History Edit

M3wzy joined Club Penguin in January 2013. He was a member until 2014, where he quit Club Penguin.

He rejoined in September 2015. As a non-member. He loved the party's and on October 10, 2015 he joined the wiki in search of information. There, the first edit he ever made was on this thread. His first friend was Penguin-Pal when posting on that thread.

After posting on a lot of threads, he decided to introduce himself. He added to his user page and started editing on his user page non stop. At the same time, he made lots of friends. Although, he was caught vandalizing people's user pages on October 15 2015 and got blocked for 7 days. After those seven days, he began editing again. He didn't edit actual pages that much, though. Now, he is a regular user who can usually be found on chat.

Trivia Edit

  • M3wzy isn't always active because of school.
  • In chat, M3wzy often spams the Lenny Dance emotes.

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