Official Ocean6100 custom
Penguin's Name Ocean6100
Favorites Club Penguin
Member? Yes
First Pin Rockhopper's Key Pin and Snowflake Tile Pin
Famous Penguins Met Everyone except for Penguin Band.
Date Joined Wiki February 28, 2012
Date Left Wiki Not yet
Date Joined Club Penguin Sometime in late 2008.
Admin? Former

Ocean6100 is a former Administrator on the Club Penguin Wiki.


  • His favorite mascot is Puffle Handler.
  • His favorite room in Club Penguin is the Swashbuckler Trading Post from the聽Rockhopper's Quest.
  • He sometimes plays a character he made up called "The Villager".
  • He is聽proficient at cut-outs.
  • He has met almost all of the mascots in Club Penguin.
  • He tends to help the wiki in any way he can.

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