My current player card!
Penguin's Name Guinydyl
Favorites All items :p
Member? Yes
First Pin Water Tap Pin
Famous Penguins Met All mascots, Mods met: Spike Hike, Daffodaily, Polo Field, Happy77, Billybob, Moose
Date Joined Wiki Oct. 5, 2012
Date Joined Club Penguin March 2008 (the 28th of March 2008 to be exact)
Admin? no

OrangePuffle (sometimes known as OP) is a regular user.


  • He Joined CP on the 28th of April 2008, he was very inactive and he said to himself: "Hmm, just wait a few years and I'll rejoin", so 2 years later in October 2010, he re-joined as Guinydyl.
  • His first pin wasn't the Crayon Pin, because he, as he said before was very inactive, his first pin was actually the Water Pin, dutring the Celebration of Water, his first head item was the Bucket Hat.


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