PixieLil is a newly promoted chat moderator on the Club Penguin Wiki, being promoted on January 3rd, 2016.

She is well known for making sarcastic comments and overusing the lenny face.


PixieLil joined Club Penguin in February of 2009. On April 20th 2013, she joined the Club Penguin wiki.

Pixie with short hair
Penguin's Name Pixie Lil
Favorites Chocolate, Linebeck, ( 汀掳 蜏蕱 汀掳)
Member? no
First Pin O-Berry Pin
Famous Penguins Met Everyone except for 1 time mascots
Date Joined Wiki April 20, 2013
Date Joined Club Penguin February 2009
Admin? No


  • ( 汀掳( 汀掳 蜏蕱( 汀掳 蜏蕱 汀掳)蕱 汀掳) 汀掳)
  • Pixie is the ruler of the Club Penguin Wiki.

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