"WTH" -Redidy Penguin

"Fine" -Redidy Penguin

"Elsa never bothered to sing again" -Redidy Penguin

"I'm bored" - Redidy Penguin

"Watt.....age" -Redidy Penguin

"We will we will you know what, we know what, kick your butt to pizza hut, wag your tail, cut your hair, and also get your gummy bears." -Redidy Penguin

"Hey i'm Kallie Jo and i'm the sheriff, this badge here on my vest. Ridin' and ropin' and makin' friends some say i'm the best in the west. We say Yipee kayo' kayay' yeehaaa! @Sheriff Kallie" - Redidy Penguin

"Merry Walrus Party", this must be a joke " -Β Redidy Penguin

======================With Replies of other users=====================

With MikeymkwiiEdit

"Non members = have either no time to be members or needs MORE money. Not cuz they're poor doesn't mean you have no membership ur poor how did non members get a computer to go to CP then." -Redidy Penguin

"Good point lol" -Mikeymkwii

With Penguin-PalEdit

"so sad in chat I sat in the chat full of nothing but that butt that was sitting on the roof that was a bot made by sactage and fuzzy just came in and samantas and then cami and the no one went for days then pp went to see if the chat was full with glee But then he saw the chat really nothing in side but 3 doves doing nothing but sleepin' then cami and fuzi did nothing at all too dee, BTW I wrote that in my head" -Redidy Penguin

"How could you write something in your head?" -Penguin-Pal

"IMAGINATION" -Redidy Penguin "