Stickman, The Legendary Hero (also known as Stickman and Stick) is a regular user on the Club Penguin Wiki.

β€œ My favorite track to play from SoundStudio is Saving World. Come listen to it in my iggy! You'll want to hear it over and over again! See you at my DJ Iggy!

-Stickman, The Legendary Hero



He is Marcus949 on Club Penguin. He has been a member about 5 times now. He got all the CJS, CJW, CJF, and CJ items, and plus, All the items from 2006-present! Well, Free items, that is. His Favorite server to hang out on is Sleet. His favorite puffles he likes to walk is his own white puffle; Snowy, and his Golden Puffle; Polo Field. His favorite mascot is none other than Cadence. The Party Starts Now! His favorite article of clothings/clothes he likes to wear are: The Lux, UK Hoodie, Bling Bling Necklace, Golden Checkered Shoes, Green Shades, and the Jeweled Cutlass. He is the Lead Vocals/Leader of the Rainbow Rocks Band. His favorite track to play from SoundStudio is Saving World.

Friends & Why they became FriendsEdit

This headline is also his quotation of why he was friends with them.

  1. Penguin-Pal- Thanks so much for helping me along the way, and stopping people from believing i'm a Sockpuppet although i'm not! Continue to do your work, P-P! You make us all proud! You have such a place in my heart, P-P!
  2. Des012Espeon-Thank you so much for RP'n as others on my wiki, and on roblox! May our adventures continue on!
  3. Shurow- Thank you so much for helping me alongside P-P to come this far! Oh and also, ROW DAT BOAT!
  4. Gary3008- I just love what you do, Gary3008!
  5. Super Miron- The Best CM ever!
  6. Hey.youcp-Getting me out of my block early when i had my Marcus949 account!
  7. Polo Field-For making CP!
  8. J Duncan- Awesomeness right here!
  9. Carlos Mtz2-Thank you so much for the ideas, Carlos! I will use them well!
  10. Dogkid1- Thank you so much for telling me to create a wiki! (I think that was you who told me to do so, If not, Thank you anyway for being such a good friend!)
  11. Techman129-For being such a good friend even when the times are bad!
  12. Leader of CP Parties!-Although you bullied me, we still had good times together!
  13. C H U N K Y- I'm possibly going to meet the same CM fate as you, please hope for me!
  14. Jackninja5DipperGravityFalls-For being such a good CM! Continue to do your work, Jack!
  15. Wolf-gangs- The work you do is outstanding! I hope you never retire, and continue to do the best work you've always done!
  16. Dps04- You made all of us proud, Dps! Cotninue to do your work, I'm counting on you!
  17. WikiaFrog- For being such a friend!
  18. Apj26- CAAAAAKKKEEE! What an awesome Bureaucrat you are! Your always on the spot when there's trouble (If not, your munching on your cake ;) ) and also reverting edits! Continue to do your work, Apj! We're all behind you!
  19. Mariocart25Charizard-Thank you so much for creating the Rainbow Rocks Band Icon, my Custom Penguin and Icon, and also thank you so much for making the Rainbow Rocks Band's Custom Penguins!
  20. Cadence176761- For being such a brony! I love it!


  • He is a gamer.[1]
  • He just loves to sing.
  • He owns a series of my own.
  • He never got banned on CP.
  • He owns his own wiki?
  • He owns his own band with Chriskim98, and Ph1n3a5and77 in it?
  • He loves MLP 100%?
  • He hosts a event called MvM Friday every friday?
  • He's friends with Vanoss and DaithiDeNogola?
  • He braved 5 Nights at Freddy's on Extreme? "Yeah, it was tough, but I did it!" -Stickman

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