The Kyfur Story
He just really wants to be a founder

Kyfur making humor from stupidity in his early days
Reformers Opposition
PerapinIcon Perapin
KyfurIcon Kyfur
KallieJoIcon Kallie Jo
SuperMiron Super Miron
WolfgangsIcon Wolf-gangs
Date March 30, 2014 - July 26, 2014
Result Perapin indefinitely blocked.
Kyfur indefinitely blocked.
"When Kallie Jo was about to block me, I felt that he was really going to huff, and puff, and blow the house down!" -Perapin

The Kyfur Story is an account of the events of Kyfur, a sockpuppet of Perapin, from his creation on March 30, 2014 through to his indefinite block on July 26, 2014 on the Club Penguin Wikia.


Following the first 1 week block of Perapin, Perapin felt that it was not going to be possible to be appreciated with such prejudice from chat moderators, who failed to express what could have been done to improve his behavior, as moderators were supposed to, and failed to see the clear reasoning behind a 1 week block. This led to further tests to see if moderators could give explanations for their kicks/bans. The creation of Kyfur was then, to give a clear reasoning to people who were breaking the rules, but had not gotten an explanation, to prevent further subjective banning and unnecessary harshness of the wiki.

The motive for the creation of Kyfur were for also for two additional reasons:

  • To be a role-model for editing quality and munificence on the wiki.
  • And most importantly, to reform the wiki into a securely democratic structure.

The setupEdit

Following Perapin's block on February 24, 2014, the idea of Kyfur had emerged. Named after Perapin's Rainbow Puffle, Kyfur was created by Perapin with a primary purpose, to improve the wiki. This led to a division of roles between the 2 accounts of Perapin's. Perapin, the original account, became "the voice", while Kyfur, became "the editor". Perapin would be the one suggesting improvements and speaking out for improvements on the Vote Page, while Kyfur was assigned to do most of the quality editing of the wiki.

Character developmentEdit

Perapin originally made Kyfur have a "bewildered" persona, who often would get confused at things and scared at things that he asked for "protection" from the chat moderators on chat. He started off doing minor tasks, such as making minor amelioration edits and adding licensing to images. This set out the baby steps for Kyfur.

Kyfur later developed to doing more major edits, including adding lots of details to articles, adding images, improving image quality, helping out other users, etc. Simultaneously, his personality developed so he grew to have a certain bot-discipline quality, which enabled him to be much more sustained as a user on chat; not harming anyone. He also developed to have the "willingness to help" and "compassion", something Perapin would display in his original personality, while Perapin became more of a comedic, entertaining, yet an authoritative and a passionately caring user, who even used old fashioned inappropriate words for emphasis that he is not to be argued with, and even posted song lyrics on chat in relevance to people on the chat.


When Kyfur first joined he made hundreds of edits in the first few weeks, eventually he had one thousand edits within the first month. A big story started about Kyfur being the new founder of the Wiki due to him editing so much and making his edits professional. During the months, he continued to edit more and more and therefore received many postcards and rewards regarding how well he has been doing. He originally started sending these to other users but they then did the same. The reason for this was to encourage giving rewards back and hopefully encourage users to start making awards not just for people who reward them with awards, but to influence them to give awards to who they believe should get one. This proved far more effective and meaningful than badges. In June, he was placed on a 1 week trial for Chat Moderator which he enjoyed and did a fairly good job, resulting in many users stating that they wished he was a permanent Chat Moderator. In July he was nominated by a user on the Wikia for Rollback Promotions since he had reverted many edits on the Wiki since he joined and it became more frequent as time went on. By the time July 25, 2014 he had more For votes than Against and therefore Kyfur was promoted to Chat Moderator and Rollback.

The blockEdit

Only by Kallie Jo's luck, he suspected that Kyfur was a sockpuppet of Perapin. This led to Kallie Jo enthusiastically waited for Perapin to come online on chat so that he can question him. Perapin refused to come online and stayed hidden, using the chat logs alone as a means of detecting what Kallie Jo was wanting, to block Perapin. The deterioration of Kyfur's "hi {{USERNAME}} welcome back in!!" foreshadowed the coming of Kyfur's block.

This led to Kallie Jo and Wolf-gangs submitting a CheckUser request to Wikia, which was believed to be confirmed that Kyfur was a sockpuppet of Perapin. Super Miron's retrieval of IRC logs were also believed to have confirmed the case. This led to the demotion of Kyfur and the indefinite block of Kyfur and CPPerapin for sockpuppetry. Perapin's IP has been blocked forever meaning he can't create anymore sockpuppet accounts on his IP.


Significant controversy emerged at the block of Perapin and Kyfur. Many users felt sad and shocked for the block of Perapin and Kyfur, as they felt that they were morally responsible users, described as "great men". Phineas99 stated that Perapin made the chat more alive. They led the wiki to a more interesting state, with Perapin attempting to handle bad users in lighthearted ways, while Kyfur handled them in the way Perapin originally intended to, through sincere PMs which explained what and why they were doing things wrong. Not only that, but their contributions were also positive to the wiki, and criticism arose for blocking users indefinitely when they were helping the wiki, despite their overly caring passions.

A Wikia Star and VSTF, Callofduty4, even noted that an indefinite block "seems disproportionate", causing a sense of injustice from the administration. The point that Perapin and Kyfur voted on the same things, however, gave a sense of justice for the administrations for the block. The motive for the multiple voting, however, was to "vote for the best". The injustice however, can be sensed in Kallie Jo, having desired the honor to block, after having "connected the dots" in finding out that Kyfur is a sockpuppet. He blocked User:Perapin, with no solid or confirmed evidence of him being a sockpuppet, and therefore made him guilty of blocking for improper reason. The assumptions and ignorance of Kallie Jo, not only to Perapin, but to even other users, including those with user rights, was set as one of the motives for Perapin's hostility for Kallie. Karma had made its impact here. Kallie Jo was even reported to have said: "I wanted to do the honors, I wanted to do them so bad xP", implying an antagonistic desire.

Aftermath and legacyEdit

The morale of the wiki had been affected, with less active editors and less activity on chat. It was a beginning of a new era. With the loss of interest, users on the wiki began to quit, including Twinkie102 and Chriskim98. Mariocart25, was also reported to have plans to quit the wiki. Every user became more independent and skeptical than they had ever been, much like postmodernists.

Perapin later joined the CPWN and plans to improve the Club Penguin Wiki Network were put in progress, and is currently on slow progress today. Perapin and Kyfur's personalities had merged together back to the way it should be, however.

The contributions Perapin and Kyfur had done on the CP Wikia remains today, although incompletely done. The plans to improve the CP Wikia, as a result of the block, will never be revealed, because they are no longer welcome by the administration. The aims to create a more happier wiki, were now discontinued.

Perapin left the wikia to prove a worthwhile lesson: "Never argue with the wrong attitude, or for the wrong motives. Never argue to win, but to help the other person. And never fight."


  • Kyfur's catchphrase, "hi {{USERNAME}} welcome back in!!" was used to make users feel welcome and recognized when they entered chat to keep people's spirits up.
  • Kyfur's votes sometimes contradicted with Perapin's. Kyfur would tend to vote For people to be promoted while Perapin would do the opposite.
  • The last message Perapin left on chat as CPPerapin was "I'll be off now (wave) see you my sweetheart and everyone else :)"
  • A staged debate was planned between Perapin and Kyfur, however, it was too late to implement it because of the block.
  • The magic behind the "!summon Kyfur" trick was that if Perapin was online, he could quickly log Kyfur on the chat on command. This also enabled Kyfur to make one "epic entrance" when he entered chat seconds after a user swore to kick that user.