The Puffle Planet
The Puffle Planet graphic

Full Name The Puffle Planet
Species Penguin
Gender Male
Position Club Penguin User
Appeared Club Penguin, Wikis
Color Brown
Clothes Items The Tuft, Black Sunglasses, Halloween Scarf, Black Hoodie, Red Electric Guitar, Black Checkered Shoes
Related To N/A
Friends With See his friends here
Meetable Character? Yes

The Puffle Planet (aka TPP) is a blocked user聽on the Club Penguin Wiki.聽

The Puffle Planet, was a user on wiki. He got promoted to Chat Moderator on September 4, 2014. He likes pizza, pie and hot dogs. His best friends on the wiki are Phineas99cp, Nom Nom Cake, TheNintendoKing, Ballono, Agent Unknown, GlitchPokemon, Titanium Ninja, Chriskim98, Callum Fawsitt, Watatsuki and JWPengie. He likes roleplaying, any playing Nintendo games. Puffle Planet goes on the Wiki almost everyday, providing hes not busy with other things. He chose The Puffle Planet as his username because he likes puffles and planets remind him of Star Wars. He can make customs using Gimp.

On October 20, 2014 he publicly announced that he is both a sockpuppet of the user Redyoshi26 and only 9 years old, and as such, was revoked of his chat moderator rights and blocked forever.


  • It explains everything that when Watatsuki was in Redidy Penguin's igloo, he was there. Watatsuki asked for the server where Redidy Penguin was at. Towerofyikk (Watatsuki) & Redidy (Redidy Penguin) went to Redidy's igloo and Redyoshi26 (The Puffle Planet or Redyoshi26's penguin was there). Watatsuki was amazed that an old user that never came back was in Redidy's igloo. The Puffle Planet said: "What an old user is in the igloo of red?" Redidy and Watatsuki didn't know that TPP was the maker of Redyoshi26 (or sockpuppet). He was trying to be a detective (TPP) but was just pretending.

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