• Ecpg

    I knew for some people may seem old news but we have to say a goodbye to perpain and so kyfur of wikia,this is what he posted on twitter

    If the link or you don't have twitter here is the picture he posted

    The people that are still alive here just try to handle your power and be honest on  pages,nothing more to say.

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  • Ecpg

    I've Changed

    February 7, 2015 by Ecpg

    So, ummm... the most obvious thing is that you don't miss me :V,i can understand it is just a month offline not coming back so yeah,i was thinking a bit.....forgive me for what i did maybe is a bit late i know if you wanna contact with me you can do it on this wiki without any problem i will still edit since i don't wanna get demoted.

    Sorry for my mistakes i will not say what are these real mistakes use your mind to know that .:V.

    I've changed,i will still don't come back but sorry for all the mistakes i did,the REAL MISTAKES.

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  • Ecpg

    Cpw Users Wiki Games CANCELED

    January 17, 2015 by Ecpg

    I decided to close the games due redidy was the only who competed i will still try to edit here trough :V

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  • Ecpg

    All about that Chat

    January 4, 2015 by Ecpg

    Because you know

    I am all about that chat

    'Bout that chat no edits

    I'm all about that chat

    About that chat,no edits

    I'm all about that chat

    About that chat no edits

    I'm all about that chat ,

    About that chat

    Yeah is pretty clear

    I ain't no 14.000 edits.

    But i still edited and come to chat

    Like the people on club penguin wiki are supposed to do

    Cause i got that nice thing that

    The Nintendo King chase

    All the right fun on all about me

    I see the club penguin rules

    working because there was penguin-pal

    We now that no ones want these rules

    Come now and make it stop

    If you got a review just raismed up

    cause every review of everybody is perfect to the first line to the top

    You know i wont be a boxing bag

    old and thrown

    So if thats what's you're into

    go ahead and move along


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  • Ecpg

    The Music Gifter Little Contest

    December 30, 2014 by Ecpg

    Even Christmas is almost over the gifting time NO because we can gift when we want,the little contest is to ask every user that has a account favorite song and put them as:Gift Song this time not wins who do more gifts it wins who put the last gift.

    Of course socks,bots and users that had leave and banned users don't count as a example i will put my Gift song on my  page on this wiki.

    Good Luck

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