Let the Games begin i decided do a little change that is that there won't be any teams but will be pretty fun ok here is how it goes since there is'nt much people there will be 12 Rounds in some rounds someone will win the prize of not begin eliminated on a elimination round and on others there will be someone out the first round is a round for win not begin eliminated be on next round.

Today challenge is TRUE OR FALSE ok since no ones is out on this round the challenge is a bit more hard i will say 4 Lines and you will have to guess if they are true or false

-1 I have a real life friend that his name on english means Joey but he dont likes to be called like this.

-2:Someone on the wiki i know how it is on real life

-3:I never had a membreship on cp NOTE:7 Days Membership don't count

-4:My icon have the clothes that i have on my 2nd current costume on CP

Dont worry on this round no ones out so please dont judge if you are wrong nothing happen but the first that have the 4 Lines good will win not begin eliminated on 2nd Round that will be a little more about ANOTHER THINGS :P

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