• TheNintendoKing

    Possible Inactivity

    September 16, 2015 by TheNintendoKing


    I would just like to confirm that I may rarely edit here due to a huge burst of homework and studying, and I need to free up as many niches as possible. If I end up becoming inactive because of that, please demote me. Of course, don't do that yet, but if I do end up becoming inactive then do just that.

    PS: I'll occasionally send messages to old friends too if I get the chance just so everyone knows I'm not dead, so if I send you a talk message then lucky you.

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  • TheNintendoKing


    August 15, 2015 by TheNintendoKing

    I would just like to confirm that this user is not me. The admins are basically lying. It really isn't me.

    I've already reported this stupid behavior to wikia staff and I am awaiting a response. So if anyone else gets punished over this, don't blame me, blame yourselves.

    My friends are supporting me through this really embarrassing matter and I ask for your trust and I honestly hope that you know I don't make sockpuppets.

    Just a friendly reminder, see you on the flipside.

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