V-Rex is the founder of the Club Penguin Wiki. His username name in Club Penguin is Benosaurus. He also has a character that is a reporter for this Wiki, so that Benosaurus's Puffles don't starve if he is finding something out for the Wiki. His other character is Wikireporter. He is the founder of the Club Penguin Wiki, and was an administrator and recent changes patroller. He could usually have been found on the server North Pole. He thinks he is too old for Club Penguin, and as such, has not been active for many years. He really loves dinosaurs, the direct ancestors of birds from the Mesozoic era that often reached enormous sizes.

Pages He MadeEdit

Pages he has Made/Started:

  1. Town
  2. Coffee Shop
  3. Dance Club
  4. Gift Shop
  5. Emote
  6. Cart Surfer
  7. Clothes
  8. Boiler Room
  9. Cave
  10. Iceberg
  11. Server
  12. Mine Shack
  13. Mine
  14. Map
  15. Mancala
  16. Plaza
  17. Dock
  18. Member
  19. Snow Forts
  20. Ice Rink
  21. Secrets
  22. Mountain
  23. Sled Racing
  24. Puffle
  25. Beach
  26. Ski Village
  27. Spy Headquarters
  28. Rockhopper
  29. Clock Tower
  30. Event Gallery
  31. Migrator
  32. G
  33. Penguin Style
  34. Sport Shop
  35. Colours
  36. Beacon
  37. Secret Missions
  38. Book Room
  39. Lodge
  40. Lodge Attic
  41. Dance Lounge
  42. Club Penguin
  43. Find Four
  44. Jet Pack Adventure
  45. The Penguin Times
  46. Fluffy the Fish
  47. Better Igloos
  48. Furniture
  49. Igloo
  50. Igloo Upgrades
  51. Ice Fishing
  52. Pet Shop
  53. Ballistic Biscuit
  54. Coin
  55. Player card
  56. Pin
  57. Pizza Parlour
  58. The F.I.S.H.
  59. P.S.A.
  60. Toolbar
  61. Clock Tower
  62. Underground
  63. Puffle Roundup
  64. Music
  65. Costume Gallery
  66. Library
  67. Post Card Catalogue
  68. Post card
  69. Pirate Catalogue
  70. Ship Hull


All of his Puffles are named after Spinosaurid dinosaurs, except his red Puffle. He was going to name him Cristatusaurus, but that was too long.

  • Green: Spinosaurus
  • Purple: Suchomimus
  • Blue: Baryonyx
  • Black: Irritator
  • Pink: Siamosaurus
  • Red: Deltadromeus


  • Tyrannotitan is his Youtube channel.

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