Watatsukis were discovered on May 15th, 2010. They are less known in Club Penguin than other users, but, they are almost always weird and sometimes quite picky. They are sometimes referred to as Waktasuktiskti. They are more popular with boys due to temptin- I mean girly avatars and their passion to be Shrek.

They tend to make also lots of useless edits and they work every day.

They are known to like the Touhou Project, with Makai being their original home. It's appearance is a penguin with a lenny face, due to it slightly being mlg. However, in their old look, their lenny eyes appear to be wider than every other mlg species.


The Purple Puffle was discovered when Rookie's stash of sponges went missing. The thief was nicknamed "Scrub", referencing the missing sponges. Then, after a trip to Makai, the Watatsukis were found, eating the remaining sponges. Members were able to adopt them on April 30th, 2014.


Attitude:This species is rude at times, as when you say "PM", it replies "make me". Another example is when you want it to do something, it will sometimes growl at you and hiss.

Favorite toys: Sponge, Byakuren Hijiri Plushie

Elite Puffle Items: Mountain Dew Tsunami, Dorito Bombs

Special facts: Can chug two Mountain Dew bottles in under a minute.

Favorite game: Card-Jitsu

Play: Throws itself in the air and shakes.

Play: A potato appears floating in the air, and then the Watatsuki jumps and bites it.

Bath: Jumps in bath, and then comes out holding a sniper and then quickscopes the player, cracking the screen.

Favorite Food: Nacho Cheese Doritos

Gum: Blows a bubble, and it is shaped like ur mum.

Dance: Spins on a potato.

Postcard: Is on the beach relaxing, and has a dialogue box that says "check ur puffle everda m9".

Brush: After you brush it, the Watatsuki jumps in the air and yells 銇嬨倧銇勩亜銇с仚!

Club Penguin Species Handbook Description

"Dis species wil eat ur mum, dad, and ur siblings if u have sum. bewarb, it will rek u badly. make sure to have noob-repellent handy in case it turns dangerus."


  • Whenever complimented, it blushes.
  • Sometimes, whenever you throw a rock at it, it will say "wot u want m8." Other times, it will just stay quiet.
  • if you quickscope it, you gain 5 mlg coins. They are worth x720 than normal coins.
  • If you edit their page with more categories they will delete it