Wolf-gangs with his "epic, calm, simplistic flair to answering remarks"

Wolf-gangs was a former administrator and bureaucrat on the Club Penguin Wiki. He was a former ambassador of the Club Penguin Wiki in Club Penguin Wiki Network. He came to help the Club Penguin Wiki with some of his management skills, to improve that wiki. As an admin he does his normal tasks along with that he maintains the Wiki's twitter account @cp_wiki.


  • He currently has over 7,900 edits.
  • This user is able to contribute with an advanced level of English.
  • This user is from Bahrain. That means he's a Bahraini.
  • This user is an Admin on the Wiki.
  • This user has won the category of Strictest Admin from the 2012-2013 wiki awards!
  • He is currently working on Moderators, igloos, parties and characters pages.
  • He knows the number of penguins active on the wiki.
  • His Club Penguin name is Sdgsgfs.
  • He blocked CPPerapin along with his sockpuppet Kyfur indefinitely from the Wiki.


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